Who is Kelly Muir?

The MOST Important thing to Know about Me? 

My philosophy that people need to find balance in their life, not fixating on one particular portion of it, is one of the driving forces behind Instructor Revolution. When an instructor can streamline their mat, and ultimately their business, it opens more time to focus on other aspects of their life. For me, that “other aspect” has always been my children. With that being said, it would be disingenuous for me to begin ANY description of myself without acknowledging my #1 job. It holds priority over any deadline or activity in my  professional world.

My 4 children have been the most important focus point in my life since my first child was born in 1990.  As a single mom, I had to work but I literally created a business plan around THEM.  In many ways, I have “the 4” to thank for the concepts of Instructor Revolution.  As they ALL worked for me at the martial art center through the years, I was often put into the position of parenting and teaching simultaneously. When it occurred to me that there really shouldn’t be much of a difference between the two, my time on the mat and my time as a mom became interchangeable. I discovered the being a parent and being an instructor, if done well, are nearly the same thing. For that reason, I often reference my children in my blogs and articles.  My daily interaction with them have been, and continue to be, the greatest source of reference and research I have found!

No longer “little”, the two older ones have moved into their adult lives. Shawn, 23, is a proud member of the United States Coast Guard. He is currently stationed off the Atlantic. Shelby, 21, works full time for a Medical corporation here in Columbus. She is also attending College.

The two younger ones,  Reece, 13,  and Rayne, 12, are focused on their academics and their sports. They are both still employed at TKCC  as instructors. Time is moving on though, and I feel like it won’t be long before their busy lives pull them away from the mat  as they pursue their individual goals.

My Career

I have been involved in Martial Arts for over 30 years. To even type that seems ridiculous and it makes me feel old! Oh Well! I  have been training since the age of 9 and  hold a Master Level certification in both Shorin-Ryu Karate and Korean Tae Kwon Do.  I competed as a fighter in the now defunct PKA and was an Olympic Committee sponsored athlete in 1989. I opened my first Martial Art Training Center in 1992. It was a Tae Kwon Do center located in Porterville, CA.  My passion for instructor development began there. As early as 1994 I was recognized as a pioneering force in the development of curriculum for martial art centers and my instructing philosophies were  featured in many Magazines and industry journals. Fast Forward nearly 20 years and a reader may find that my philosophies have changed quite a bit. I wrote  Instructor Revolution in 2010 specifically to address those differences.  The book discusses my evolution as an instructor, especially as it related to children’s programs and curriculum.

Film and Video Work

You Tube. Instructor Revolution LOVES You Tube! If you are still watching DVD’s though – no worries…we have some of those too!  Rather than continuing to talk about myself (which is awkward), I will just share a paragraph from my on-line bio. If you don’t want to read about film and video, just skip to the next section or go read another blog. 🙂


Kelly Muir’s  desire to teach and educate others about martial arts and personal safety is evident in the nearly 25 year span that she has been filming instructional aides.  She began using video as a tool for teaching in 1996 when she was tone of the first women  contracted to film an entire instructional DVD series with Panther Productions. At the time, Panther was the leading instructional martial art video training company in the world. Her passion to teach and inform never stopped. As recently as 2011, she was featured in the Personal Defense Networks “Personal Firearm Defense ~ Unarmed Series.” Currently she is working on additional project with the Personal Defense Network that will highlight Video self defense “shorts” on the internet. Staying true to her pioneering spirit, Kelly recognized that some women may not choose to attend  a self defense course that requires a large block of their time. They will, however, watch quick clips on safety – and then share them with others! These “shorts” will be featured on the Personal Defense Network website.


I am a columnist for Black Belt Magazine (Better Business Column) and a contributor to the Personal Defense Network. Most importantly, I maintains my random thoughts, ideas and concepts at my Blog, Instructorrevolution.com. But, wait, you already knew that because you are reading it now.

Personal Defense 

My experience with Self Defense programs (though I can’t stand that term) is extensive.  My passion for educating woman about safety and personal defense  is second only to my passion for running Instructor Revolution. Though IR takes up the majority of my professional time right now, I am outspoken about women learning REAL concepts of safety. I created a Personal Defense Program called “Wrong Woman” which highlights Integrated Self Defense as the most effective method of training. From Intuitive Awareness to Firearms Instruction, I am an advocate for teaching a multi dimensional approach.

Though there may not be as much weekly activity as IR, if you would like to check out the events we do run each year with Wrong Woman, please feel free to visit my facebook page at www.facebook.com/wrongwoman

Personal Life

Not that it has an iota of relevance, but, here is a little personal info on me:

  • No day gets started without Caffeine.
  • I love Football – especially my Buckeyes!
  • I rarely watch TV but I went years without missing Breaking Bad. 🙂
  • I don’t take myself very seriously and I think most people, especially martial artists, need to ease up on their own self importance.
  • I have a shot of Whiskey every night before bed. I think it’s the equivalent of my Grandmother’s “Cough Syrup” before bed every night. 😀
  • I refuse to go into the water at the Beach because I saw Jaw’s when I was 5 and it scarred me for life!
  • I have a secret crush on Clint Eastwood. But, then again, who doesn’t?


  1. Kelly,
    Amazingly enough your HBP blog found it’s way to my feed by some cosmic intervention. I always feel like our eyes see what our mind is prepared to understand.
    I was wondering a simple thing… Your “Instructor Revolution” is it mostly geared toward martial arts specifically, or could an instructor/coach of any sport find gems within?

    • Absolutely, and you will certainly find more as the year moves forward. I am currently writing my second book about coaching, however, this one is for all sports – not just martial arts. Keep an eye on here – and on the facebook page for more info and daily updates. (There are more on the Facebook!)

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